If you're looking to cancel an add-on protection product please
fill out the interactive form below to start the cancellation process.

If you have any questions please reference our frequently asked questions in the button below.

Please review the following for the most efficient process of cancelling your products.

Keep in mind that some refunds will go directly to you and some will go to your lender/finance company when you are still in an active loan. If there is any doubt in cases where you still have an active loan on the vehicle the refund will be paid to your lender/finance company. Please allow 4-6 weeks full turnaround for prorated refunds once all documents are in house.

Some products are not cancellable and stay with the the vehicle such as:

  • Factory branded maintenance
  • Cilajet
  • Lojack
  • Xpel
  • 3M clear bra

    ****Not having all of the information completed will cause delays.****